Mergers and Acquisitions

For over 30 years, John Corrigan has acted the lead lawyer to a number of established companies who relied on him to help them achieve their changing strategic objectives, whether it be (a) growth by acquisitions and strategic alliances; (b) divestitures in furtherance of a restructuring of the business; or (c) an exit for family-owned businesses. Prior to year-end 2007 these clients included foreign-based multinationals with major operations in the United States, as well as US-based public companies whose businesses became increasingly global. Subsequent to 2007, his client base primarily included family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. In many instances, these clients have built businesses that have become national or global in reach, 'gone public' or been acquired by a major player in the relevant industry. As a result of John Corrigan’s experience in the service of these and other clients, he is in a position to provide clients with “world class” transactional experience and expertise matching that of Wall Street and other big-city firms but at lower rates, resulting in superior value to the client. Although a solo practitioner, John frequently engages other seasoned attorneys to work as a “varsity” team to add depth or to supply specialty skills such as tax, environmental, or litigation expertise.

The transactions completed by John Corrigan as the lead lawyer  have involved: (a) asset sales, stock sales and mergers (including forward and reverse triangular mergers), (b) transactions involving cash and non-cash consideration, including securities of the acquirer, (c) taxable and tax-free transactions, (d) purchase and 'pooling of interests' accounting, (e) leveraged buyouts, (f) management buyouts, (g) leveraged recapitalizations and (h) increasingly, joint ventures and other strategic alliances.

John Corrigan estimates that he has led the legal effort in approximately 150 major transactions during the course of his career. The following is a short list of some the largest transactions. In addition to those below that make it on to the “brag sheet” there are countless others of smaller dollar magnitude that were every bit as challenging and rewarding to John as a lawyer, but more importantly were as critical to the clients that were party to those transactions.



Deals 2008 and later

  • Asset acquisition of small contract manufacturing business in Pennsylvania for under $1 million
  • $2.8 million sale of telephone carrier service agency business
  • $35 million sale of privately-owned engineered lighting fixture business
  • $15 million disposal of privately-owned domestic and Asian fashion packaging business in asset and stock sale
  • Asset acquisition of small privately-owned electronics business for under $1 million
  • $1.6 million sale of single owner mechanical tool manufacturing business
  • $40 million acquisition of regional software business (second chair)
  • $600,000 acquisition of food products business
  • $500,000 sale of registered investment adviser
  • Sale of small medical (radiology) practice
  • Sale of small gasket manufacturing business
  • $5 million sale landscaping business


Deals Prior to 2008

  • $500 million stock purchase of worldwide chemicals manufacturing business
  • $400 million merger acquisition of US and European industrial business for cash and stock of acquiring company
  • Multiple $100+ million "auction" dispositions of US and European businesses
  • $16 million asset acquisition by private equity firm of manufacturer of fixture products to consumer product retailers.
  • $30 million acquisition of US and European chemicals business
  • $18 million acquisition of US, UK and Singapore electronics-related business
  • $90 million disposition of stock of domestic and far East ceramic powder business
  • $20 million asset purchase of domestic high-tech ceramics manufacturing company
  • $100 million asset sale of domestic chemical additives manufacturing company
  • $100 million stock purchase of domestic plastics manufacturing company from financial seller
  • Formation of joint venture to manufacture metallurgical products in Korea
  • 'Auction' sale of domestic operating assets of branded products manufacturing business
  • $10 million sale of stock of domestic manufacturing business
  • $20 million purchase of electronic equipment manufacturer with domestic, European and Far Eastern operations
  • Formation of worldwide automotive products joint venture with manufacturing operations in US and UK involving assets in the range of $100 million
  • $45 million purchase of stock of domestic refractory products business
  • $100 million sale of chemical manufacturing business in US, Mexico, UK and South Africa
  • $11 million stock sale of regional equipment distribution business to financial buyer
  • $13 million purchase of assets of domestic plastic molding business
  • $13 million purchase of stock of high-tech equipment manufacturer